Angels of the Deep by Kirby Crow

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By Kirby Crow

Becket Merriday is at the path of a killer who's murdering appealing younger males within the small city of Irenic. What he discovers an old race of immortal beings hunted via a really robust adversary: the angel Mastema. quickly, Beck and his associate, Sean Logan, locate themselves on the heart of a perilous supernatural struggle.

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The attractive, rather plump young woman in the photo was his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Catherine. She had an open look to her face, honest and direct, and in the picture she wore his favorite green sweater. Her curly red hair was scraped back into a rebellious ponytail and she was beaming at the camera, her gamine nose wrinkled happily. Behind her sprawled the shoreline and the sparkling blue-slate waters of Lake George. Beck sighed and traced the miniature oval of her face with his finger before propping the photo carefully against the lamp.

An uncomplicated body, not so with the mind. There was a pensive quality about Sean that Beck found compelling, an air of being able to see more sharply than most. It had troubled him from the moment they met, and he had always felt pulled to the man in some elusive way. He couldn’t say it was entirely chaste, but it wasn’t just sexual, either. Drawn was how he felt, in the purest sense; like being stretched over a distance. Beck was aware of how messed up it was to be admiring one of his officers while standing over a fresh corpse, but he often felt the wrong things at the wrong times.

What fortune; beautiful and complicated. The Nephilim had most of the powers of angels: power over wind and fire and the elements of the corporeal earth, in addition to the many frailties of mankind. They were the most ANGELS OF THE DEEP 55 perilous creatures to walk the earth since Legion, and Mastema knew how to deal with them. This one would not escape him. None of them would escape. The sun flashed as it ducked behind the clouds and the air turned heavy, promising more snow. The Nephilim stood on the bridge, his cat's eyes studying the flow of icy water below.

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