Analysis and Design of Structural Sandwich Panels by Howard G. Allen

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By Howard G. Allen

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24a) remain the same. 39) is, o f course, no longer valid. 55) must 2 be used for / and If, and AG is again represented by bd G/c. 3. Level OL1 a2 / \ t l + t , ^2} I, 2 / \ I, 2 1 / C + tt 2} dtt M + I U + '2 1 / D t l + If 2 2λ Λ, 1», Μ TU+Î T) + Τ,Ύ + SANDWICH BEAMS 43 where αϊ, α 2 take different values according to the level at which the stress is measured. For example, the four critical levels are marked a, b, c, d in Fig. 3. Tensile stresses and sagging bending moments are positive. 45c).

18 shows an elevation o f a short length o f sandwich beam, undergoing shear deformation o f the core. The plane section AC Β has distorted into the curve A'CB\ the typical point Ρ having moved a distance u to the right. The shear strain γ at F I G . 18. Shear deformation of sandwich beam with stiff core. 44 ANALYSIS OF STRUCTURAL SANDWICH PANELS Ρ is therefore du/dz and the shear stress is du r = G^-. 57) may be combined and integrated to yield an expression for u: " - ^ { ^ ( τ - τ ) } · <"» There is no constant o f integration because u and ζ vanish simultaneously.

Beam with Four-point Loading (Antiplane Core and Thick Faces) A n ordinary homogeneous beam with four-point loading is illustrated in Fig. 14a. The central region is subjected to a constant bending moment — WLb and it therefore bends into a circular arc o f curvature +WLb/EL This fact is often used to determine the flexural rigidity EI of a simple beam, usually by measuring the deflections o f three different points in the central region. SANDWICH BEAMS 37 The method is also used to determine the flexural rigidity o f sandwich beams, on the assumption that because there is no shear force in the central region, there can be no shear deflection there and the deformation is one o f pure bending.

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