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What is so "Great" approximately Alexander? examine this notorious chief and discover.

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He had arranged 41 – Alexander the Great – the outrage that drove Pausanias to kill Philip, but his real crimes were drunkenly insulting Alexander’s legitimacy at the wedding banquet for Philip and, now, his reported plotting to overthrow the new king. Alexander’s agents found Attalus stationed in northwestern Anatolia with his fellow general and father-in-law Parmenion and the advance forces of the Macedonian army. When Alexander’s men killed Attalus, neither Parmenion nor the soldiers made any public reaction.

Alexander also complained to his friends that he was not given enough credit for the victory in that battle, or for the war with the Maedi. At this time, too, Philip accused his wife Olympias of being unfaithful and expelled her from his bedroom. This dishonor to Alexander’s mother was dishonor to her son. Competition Between Fathers and Sons Philip, Alexander’s father, was proud of his son’s early accomplishments. By the time the boy became a teenager, however, they were rivals, in a way commonly depicted in Greek myth.

Now that Alexander was back in Pella, he would certainly play a large role as a commander during the invasion of Asia. Alexander stayed at court. But it must have been a shock to him to lose the company of his closest friends, and a greater shock to learn that one of his closest friends would commit the betrayal of informing on him. Even if his friend believed that by telling Philip he was saving Alexander from making a catastrophic mistake, Alexander would have seen this as a lack of confidence, trust, and thus a wound to his honor.

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