Aircraft Vol. 3 by Alfred W. Lawson

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By Alfred W. Lawson

Третий том авиационной энциклопедии, издававшейся с марта 1910 г.

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McCurdy is connected with this company. Motors. Hempstead, L- move from brick The M. L. Oberdorfer Brass Company of Syracuse, New York, apparently have a monopoly on the sale of circulating pumps for aeroplanes in this country, having experimented for a good many years on a pump that would just suit aeroplane service. Construction report that the season of 1912 has opened up most favorably for them and that they have already made delivery of two machines since January 1st, both of which The Standard Aviation Company of Chicago, have engaged as its superintendent, Mr.

This authorization will be valid for carriage of carrier pigeons only with the assent ot the minister of war or of marine when the airciaft shall be authorized to pass TITLE I. above 2. The letters and distinctive numbers forentered bidden zones. Permits of Navigation. on the matriculary register; Art. 1. No aircraft may be put into service Art. 16. The carriage and use of photographic -Art. 6. The permit of navigation ceases to be apparatus are in France without a permit of navigation, unless forbidden, unless with special auvalid and must be renewed in case of change in- thorization of the it shall have satisfied the conditions prefect.

It has stood every test required of it and is better today than ever before. It is the lightest 50 H. P. made in America. to The Roberts Motor Co 1463 •} COLUMBUS AVENUE SANDUSKY, OHIO, U. S. A. New L Curtiss School Biplane fitted with twin steering wheels, which enable the pilot to instruct the pupil and still retain control of the machine at all times GIBSON We have consistently refrained from any attempt to persuade the public by mere argument and advertisement that our propellers are the best.

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