Advances in the Syntax of DPs: Structure, agreement, and by Anna Bondaruk, Gréte Dalmi, Alexander Grosu

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By Anna Bondaruk, Gréte Dalmi, Alexander Grosu

The contributions during this quantity are dedicated to quite a few points of the inner and exterior syntax of DPs in a wide selection of languages belonging to the Slavic, Turkic, Finno-Ugric, Semitic and Germanic language households. specifically, the papers handle questions with regards to the interior and exterior cartography of assorted sorts of simplex and complicated DPs: the placement of DPs inside greater buildings, contract in phi-features and/or case among DPs and their predicates, in addition to among sub-elements of DPs, and/or the project of case to DPs in particular configurations. the 1st 4 chapters of the e-book concentration totally on the exterior syntax of DPs, and the rest chapters take care of their inner syntax.

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His MTC gives (16) a structure as in (20), with the lower copy of Ivan struck through because it is not pronounced: (20) Ivani xočet [Ivani pisat’ pismo]. ’ For current purposes, the difference between Babby’s and Hornstein’s approaches is twofold: (i) whether or not the infinitive has an independent subject position in OC constructions and (ii) whether the multiple theta-roles a single argument receives are assigned at once, or in the course of the derivation. It is the first difference that concerns us here.

1994. Dependent Nexus: Subordinate Predication Structures in English and the Scandinavian Languages. D. dissertation, Santa Cruz, CA: Univeristy of California at Santa Cruz. 1983. The possessor that ran away. The Linguistic Review 3: 89–102. Szabolcsi, Anna. 1987. Functional categories in the noun phrase. In Approaches to Hungarian 2, István Kenesei, 167–189. Szeged: JATE Szabolcsi, Anna. 1994. The noun phrase. In The Syntactic Structure of Hungarian [Syntax and Semantics 27], Ferenc Kiefer & Katalin É.

This information is then passed up the tree until it can be appropriately assigned, by merger with a subject NP that will bear the complex of external theta roles. inf letter . ”  Steven Franks This diagram expresses the assumptions in Babby (2009) that the external argument is not introduced within VP, but rather as the specifier of a higher functional head, v, and that infinitives head functional phrases of type InfP. In (17), InfP is merged as the direct object of the matrix verb, hence satisfies its need for a Theme, indicated by “〈Theme=j〉”.

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