ADR and the Courts. A Manual for Judges and Lawyers by Erika S. Fine

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By Erika S. Fine

ADR guide for Judges and attorneys.

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453 before serving as an arbitrator. A written statement made under penalty of perjury and filed with the Private Adjudication Center will satisfy this requirement. d'. Compensation and Expenses of Arbitrators. Arbitrators shall be reimbursed for travel, telephone, and postage expenses in connection with arbitration proceedings. They shall be compensated as follows: 1. 00, for work performed prior to the arbitration hearing; 2. 00, and 3. 00, for time spent in a posthearing conference pursuant to Rule 610(c).

C. Record. No official record of the arbitration hearing will be made. Any party desiring the attendance of a reporter shall make the necessary arrangements with a reporting agency. The costs of the reporter's attendance fee, record, and all transcripts thereof, shall be prorated equally among all parties ordering copies, unless they shall otherwise agree, and shall be paid for by the responsible parties directly to the reporting agency. d. Subpoenas. Rule 45 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure shall apply to subpoenas for attendance of witnesses and the production of documentary evidence at an arbitration hearing under these rules.

In the case of multiple parties, except in the case of derivative claims, each party shall pay the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) for each award. 5. For good cause shown, the Court may alter the amount which a party is to pay to a mediator. g. Hearings— h. 1. Time limits—Presentation to a mediation panel shall be limited to thirty (30) minutes a side unless there are multiple parties or unusual circumstances warranting additional time. 2. Settlement negotiations and insurance—The mediators may request information on the applicable insurance limits and the status of settlement negotiations.

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