A School Under Trees by Raghu Babu

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By Raghu Babu

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I suggested them to observe these seeds and the growing plants. I have shown the cotyledons of the seeds and asked the difference between the leaves and cotyledons. They responded. , “These stout, first leaves were in the seed, take water and germinate! These stout leaves help the sprout grow with roots and stem - When the plant has grown, these stout leaves dry and fall-down. ” They recognised the difference between cotyledons and the leaves. ” I enquired. “.... ” “.... ” “.... ” “.... ” After their responses, I suggested them to observe the seeds again.

Moreover we learned many things from our children, we never hesitated for that and we are very thankful to them for allowing us to learn from them!!!

All schools, all children, all parents are trapped by the world of competitive examinations! All are in the clutches of competition and are competing with each other without knowing themselves!! We never tried to divide our children from the NATURE! How can we separate ourselves from the Nature? In fact, Nature is our actual teacher! The Nature, the environment is giving and teaching a lot for us! In return we have to contribute to the environment! So, we have to learn from the NATURE! the chi1dren, but not impossible!

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