A Guide to the Regiments and Corps of the British Army on by J.M. Brereton

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By J.M. Brereton

Op; 1985; J. M. Brereton; HB with airborne dirt and dust jacket (dj) less than mylar protector; 288 pages; tables; index; line drawings of regimental badges; layout of enteries- Regimental identify, formation info, conflict honors, uniform element, Regimental marches; Regimental magazine, Regimental headquarters, Regimental museum, Regimental nickname, if any.

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Kibbuts instead of “kibbutz,” Chayim instead of Haim) and substituting one of my own. Finally, and for consistency’s sake, I have treated Hebrew acronyms as I would English ones: for example, in writing TSAHAL (for Tsva-Hagana Leyisrael) rather than the more normal Tsahal (let alone Zahal, which does not correspond to the way in which the word is pronounced); and PALMACH (for Plugot Machats) rather than Palmach. The reason for this is to make the informed reader, who may well have heard these terms before, aware that they do in fact represent acronyms.

Outsiders, however good or bad their intentions, cannot answer this question; it is up to the Palestinians and the Israelis themselves. ” The latter should finally forget about retaining much of the Territories that were occupied in 1967. Whatever the answer, it is clear that the IDF is going to play a critical role in events to come. It is for those who seek to understand that powerful force—its origins, growth, mentality, modus operandi, and capabilities—that this book is intended. MARTIN VAN CREVELD Mevasseret Zion, Israel April 17, 2002 Israel’s fifty-fourth Independence Day INTRODUCTION EVER SINCE IT OFFICIALLY emerged out of the prestate Hagana during Israel’s War of Independence in 1947-1949, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has become one of the world’s leading armed forces.

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