A grammar of Nandi by Chet A. Creider, Jane Tapsubei Creider

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By Chet A. Creider, Jane Tapsubei Creider

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Dordrecht: Foris. Tseng, Jesse L. 2000. The Representation and Selection of Prepositions. , University of Edinburgh. Van den Berg, René. 1997. Spatial Deixis in Muna (Sulawesi). In G. , Referring to Space: Studies in Austronesian and Papuan Languages, 197–220. New York: Oxford University Press. van der Zee, Emile, and Jon Slack, eds. 2003. Representing Direction in Language and Space. New York: Oxford University Press. van Staden, Miriam. 2007. Grounding Objects in Space and Place: Locative Constructions in Tidore.

Also, (20b) follows if the bare modifier occupies a head position dominating Place, call it Deg(place): P-incorporation is blocked because the P is too low within the PP, and V is not the closest c-commanding head. These data thus argue in favor of treating bare adverbs as heads (Deg(place)). Does er precede Deg(place) in Spec, Deg(place), or does it appear in a still higher Spec position? The distribution of er with phrasal modifiers, which I take as occurring in Spec, Deg(place), reveals the presence of yet another projection dominating the modifier.

27 Dutch has both prepositional and postpositional directional PPs. The latter consist of both circumpositional PPs and simple postpositional PPs. 2. Summary of the account of the syntactic behavior of locative PPs Pied-piping ˉ PP over V P-stranding by R-pronoun by DP ˉ ˉ ˉ * by PP P-incorporation P-incorporation * * requires presence of CP(place) level and is fine only for those PPs with this level. idem requires “incorporation” (or absence) of C(place) level. only r-pronouns can move high enough in the internal structure PP must pied-pipe to PlaceP to check the Place feature.

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