A grammar of Kokama-Kokamilla by ROSA VALLEJOS YOPÁN

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This dissertation is a complete grammar of Kokama-Kokamilla (KK), as spoken by means of approximately a thousand elders within the Peruvian Amazon. It offers exact documentation of the buildings of the language and the services they serve, with wealthy exemplification. This examine is predicated on major fieldwork given that 1997, permitting the research to be grounded in textual content information. considered one of KK's so much salient typological positive aspects is a

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Adviser: Spike Gildea, Chairperson; Committee participants: Doris Payne; Scott DeLancey; Francisco Queixalos; Lawrence Sugiyama  Read more...

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Since the early 1980s, the Kokama-Kokamillas have promoted language revitalization efforts, including annual meetings with the sole purpose of speaking their heritage language and developing local radio programs produced in Kokama-Kokamilla. These two activities have been developed with support from the Centro de Capacitación Campesina de la Amazonía (CENNCA), Vicariato Catholic Church-Nauta, Loreto. Another important initiative has been the training of bilingual elementary school teachers to teach Kokama-Kokamilla as a second language.

In this document, the author presents a sketch grammar of the language, and compares it with Tupinamba, a Tupian language from the XVI century. Based on evidence that includes phonology and some aspects of morphology, syntax, and lexicon, she argues that Kokama is a creole language, since it exhibits features from Tupian and Arawakan languages as well as from Spanish and Portuguese. Results of my preliminary work on diachrony show that, in various respects, the varieties spoken in Peru are different from the variety described by Cabral.

Chapter X described multiclause constructions, including complement clauses, relative clauses, adverbial clauses, and paratactic constructions. Chapter XI presents topics regarding the grammar-discourse interface. Finally, Chapter XII offers a summary of 4 the major findings of this study in the form of conclusions. The abbreviations used in this document are listed in Appendix A. 3. 1. About the origins of the words Kokama and Kokamilla When the KKs are asked about their origins, there is a high chance they will tell you a traditional story.

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