A Grammar of Guìqióng: A Language of Sichuan by Jiang Li

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By Jiang Li

In A Grammar of Guiqiong, Jiang Li describes the grammar of Guiqiong, a hitherto undocumented language spoken by means of alpine humans in Kangding county, China. Guiqiong has much to provide in its phonology, verbal and nominal morphology, syntax and thesaurus, distinguishing itself from the neighbouring Tibetan, chinese language, Qiangic and Loloish languages. The newly stumbled on positive factors of Guiqiong contain breathy vs. modal voice, indefinite quantity, ablative, ergative, instrumental, dative and genitive case markers, subject and emphatic markers, the diminutive suffixes, the pronominal and deictic structures, demonstratives and numerals, a wealthy shop of differentiated copular verbs expressing equationality, inchoative, animacy vs. inanimacy, established life and negation, verbal affixes indicating instructions, current stressful of skilled perceptions, gnomic stressful, perfective vs. imperfective element, modality and evidentiality.

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A child brought up in Guìqióng only is expected to pick up Chinese as soon as possible at school age for fear that she/he should not catch up in class. Guìqióng can only be heard in the depth of homes when adults and children exchange daily talks with their elders, when alpine friends and relatives come for a visit or, quite sparsely, when old acquaintances meet in the bustling streets. The Guìqióng population is losing its senior members of fluent speakers, which also means the loss of natural Guìqióng teachers to the younger generations.

The semantically based grammar includes Guìqióng phonology, Guìqióng nominal and verbal morphology, Guìqióng sentence structures containing tense, aspectual, modal and evidential inflections and a Guìqióng glossary. While most sections of the grammar deal with grammatical categories untouched by former researchers, new ideas were also introduced into the phonological and morphological chapters. CHAPTER 2 Guìqióng Phonology In this chapter, the Guìqióng phonemes will be introduced. A Guìqióng phoneme can be a vowel, a consonant or a tone.

About Guìqióng Year of Rams, religious activities of local Guìqióng women and the vicissitudes of Guìqióng Guōzhuāng, the fireplace layout. These studies show that in-depth historical research has just begun. Sūn Hóngkāi (1982) made the first linguistic survey in Guìqióng area and was the first researcher to describe Guìqióng phonology in detail. Sūn’s fourtone notation was adopted by later researchers such as Huáng (1996), LaPolla (2005) and Sòng (2011). Sūn also carefully compiled the first Guìqióng word list.

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