A Grammar of Biblical (Tanak) Hebrew by John H. Sailhamer

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By John H. Sailhamer

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Cwu 22. · n~i' . -Y:;}II ::. ~,... ~iJ 20. _-\- /' 14. '-" 1. J +LL \-' ·, '5 10. i1W~i1 ~~i1 T • T j \f\ ~ '-. ~1i1 T 12. ,iJiJ i1W~i1 T • T '-, -.. ,. J 1-1 . ,. -,Jf"# - ~~J 54 . 4. 1. 2. 3. Exercises on Pronouns Translate the following phrases and sentences: 3. ,. l"'ln 0 I I'· ~~\i ( 7 • ' ~~ l l '; ', -~ ('I('--' -~'1 7. ,. 2. " The word lV"'~ (man) is a noun. ). There are three levels from which the noun can be approached. It can be viewed as a single word, as a part of a phrase, or as a part of a clause.

3rd Person it:'~) 1I;l~"::: 1J:lNI ':JRN<~: .. 1: ~ 2nd Person 1"---r-' "~13~" ~ .. • I • . ,. 1J~~ ------ 52 1~~,. ,. V\01'1\ T• ! PLURAL \ r--:\ ...... _ -N,~\1\. ;~· ~ .. ~~ 2nd Person FEMININE . llrt ~ \-... 3. Demonstrative Pronouns (ill. and ~~il) -There are two sets of demonstrative pronouns in Hebrew. ;c.... 1. 1. The Attributive Use f( nNl, and il~~ '('yo.. ilt~~ ~. __ ~ t'n~(t. The demonstrative pronoun follows its noun and agrees with that noun in gender (masc. ), number (sing.

W~~ ;r:;:r-~·; d. f. 01~ g. " (Exod 20: II) "There was not a man... " (2 Sam 14:25) 'i1~ tzj~~ iT:iJ l~~~l e. 1. 1. __, iJ Hebrew has a simple definite article. It consists of the letter il attached to the beginning of ':J ¥- a noun. Theil is attached by means of an a-class vowel (usually a Patach or Qames) and a ~ dagesh forte (written abstractly as +--- • ~ ). If isolated from a noun, the article would look like this: +--- • ~ iJ . It is an a-class vowel written with the letter iJ and followed by a doubling sign +--- • ~ (dageshforte).

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