A Global History: From Prehistory to the 21st Century by Leften Stavrianos

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By Leften Stavrianos

Designed for classes in international heritage and international Civilization, this best-selling, vintage exploration of global heritage takes an interdisciplinary international (rather than a local or nationwide) approach—tracing these significant forces, events, and occasions that experience had a world-wide effect. It stresses connections among the earlier, current and destiny, emphasizing the query “What does it suggest for us today?” The Seventh Edition reevaluates the process human background with a watch towards the millennium, reflecting in its assurance the top of the chilly conflict and the dawning chances for a brand new kind of international historical past.

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The Greek cities, save for those in the far north which remained faithful to their asso­ ciation with Pergamum, had been compelled to submit to the usurper. 29 Some, it is true, demurred, fearing retaliation on the part of Achaeus, but they ultimately submitted to a show of force. THE BEQUEST OF ATTALUS Respecting their long-established independence, Attalus again entered into relations with them, by the terms of which they became his allies. By this policy he gained the support of the cities of the coast of Aeolis and northern Ionia as far south as Ephesus, which was probably held by a force of Egyptians.

It was evident that the Romans were unwilling to make any effort to aid Eumenes and that they were even playing him false. Accordingly, he took matters into his own hands. After increasing his army by a large force of mercenaries, he and Attalus met the enemy in Phrygia, where his skill and courage won a great victory. The indifference, if not actual hostility, which the Roman commis­ sioners showed toward Eumenes at this time was indicative of a change of attitude toward him in Rome. 64 The accusation was probably false, for it is hard to believe that Eumenes, after urging the Romans to enter into the war, became ready to sacrifice what he would gain by a complete Roman victory.

With Cyzicus, especially, he had close ties, for his wife Apollonis was the daughter of a prominent citizen of the place and was highly honoured there. 1 Attalus had now begun to replace the Seleucids as the chief ally of the cities and the guarantor of their independence. It was not long, in fact, before he wholly supplanted the former rulers of Asia, for the unfortunate Seleucus II, whose reign had been an almost con­ tinuous succession of wars, was unable to take any step to reassert his claim to the Asianic dominions of his house.

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