A Functional Grammar of Dholuo by Duncan O. Okombo, M. Lionel Bender, Franz Rottland

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By Duncan O. Okombo, M. Lionel Bender, Franz Rottland

Dholuo (Luo) belongs to the Western Nilotic sub-branch of the Nilotic department of the japanese Sudanic relations. Of the Nilotic languages in Kenya merely Dholuo, spoken by means of approximately 2 million humans, belongs to the Western Nilotic workforce. Languages heavily on the topic of it are present in Uganda and the Sudan. Following the theoretical tenets of useful Grammar, the current quantity is a examine with a two-fold target: First, it units out to supply a descriptively enough account of constituent order in Dholuo; secondly, it investigates the opportunity of offering such an account with out utilizing transformational principles within the experience of structure-changing operations.

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The choice between no/go or chaika is based on when the affair, event, or object referred to was mentioned or experienced prior to the time at which the referring expression is uttered. Generally, nofgo is used when the previously mentioned matter or experience has not been followed by any other that can be perceived as the referent of the demonstrative. If, on the other hand, the demonstrative is intended to refer to something already succeeded by one or more utterances or experiences that could qualify as referent or referents ofthe demonstrative, then cha/ka is used.

G. g. g. ‘ _ _ The word gi ‘with‘ in (-102) is homophonous to the gi ‘and‘ which occurs in the following sentence? ‘ I where Aloo gi wuon is a compound subject. g. g. g. e. e. as a case of hornonymy) is of no real consequence in this work. AN OUTLINE OF DHoLuo Gsammaa 4? 2. PREDICATIONS OVER PROPOSITIONS Unlike in the above cases, where the scope of the adverbial element is limited only to some part of the proposition, usually the action or state designated by the verb, in the case we are dealing with now the sentence in question has a whole proposition which can be shown to fall within the scope of a given adverbial expression.

3. g. g. '(l13) Koch nitie ' famine present - nikech piny notho because earth Pst-die . g. g. ‘ - _ Note that transitional adverbs such as the one in (115) often have a concessional function as well. 4. g. g. g. ‘ Finally, let us make special mention of interrogative adverbs, noting that according to the above categories most, if not all, of them can be classified as predications over propositions. This special mention is accorded to them because many grammarians tend to leave them out of their lists.

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