30 Strategies for Education Reform by Prakash Nair

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By Prakash Nair

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5 million. You will lose $10 million if you cannot deliver the product in six months, but if you can complete it sooner, you will earn an additional $25 million. Your risk management officer performs a risk analysis and tells you that there is a 30 percent chance that the bank will change its requirements and a 70 percent chance that the project will be completed on time or ahead of schedule. Your company has completed similar projects in the past, and on the basis of these experiences, you know that there is a 30 percent chance that your final expenses will increase by $10 million.

Your organization has been in existence for 10 years; therefore, as you prepare your program charter and road map, you should consider the— a. b. c. d. Your company, a major dairy cooperative, has embraced portfolio management. In the past, some projects continued indefinitely, even after their sponsors had left the company, and no one could remember why they had been initiated. Now all programs and projects are part of the portfolio, which is where investment decisions are made. In response to a growing consumer demand for organic foods, the company is attempting to capitalize on this demand by entering the organic foods market.

PMI®, The Standard for Program Management, 2008, 24 17. d. The program funding source The program funding source is an input to the Establish Program Financial Framework process. Programs have a variety of potential funding sources, and they depend on the type, size, and complexity; geography, and whether it is internally funded or requires outside funding sources. PMI®, The Standard for Program Management, 2008, 211 18. a. Program manager and executive sponsor The program manager and executive sponsor are identified at the end of the Program Initiation phase in the program life cycle.

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