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1. Always capitalize the main words. 2. You do not need to capitalize words in the title such as ‘of, and, or, a”. 3. If you are using a computer, the title should be typed in italics or underlined. 4. If you are writing the title yourself, then underline the title. Guided Practice 1. What two things should you always do when writing a book title? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What should you always do when typing a book title?

What are past tense verbs: _________________________________________________________________ 2. How do you change the spelling of verbs that end in e? _________________________________ 3. How do you spell verbs that end in y? _____________________________________________________ 4. How do you spell verbs that end in one vowel followed by one consonant? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Write the verb in past tense form correctly. Verb Use Rule 1 Verb Use Rule 3 Smile Stop Enforce Hop File Jog Graduate Beg Handle Clap Ignore Zip Locate Sip Verb Use Rule 2 Verb Use Rule 4 Marry Break Hurry Bring Copy Catch Spy Come Apply Drink Justify Fall Multiply Get 31 Verb Tense -­‐ Past Tense Independent Practice Write the verb in parenthesis correctly to make it past tense.

We ______________________________ after her performance. (clap) 32 Verb Tense -­‐ Past Tense Writing – Write a paragraph describing something you have done in the past. Underline all past tense verbs. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 33 Verb Tense Future tense verbs show action that will happen in the future.

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