21st Century Grammar Handbook by Barbara Ann Kipfer

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By Barbara Ann Kipfer

This all-new advisor to english is designed to be user-friendly.  Its leading edge A-to-Z dictionary structure helps you to locate the solutions in your questions on grammar, punctuation, and hottest utilization fast and easily.  Simply search for the matter components as you are going to lookup a be aware within the dictionary.  It's simply that straightforward and time-saving.  

A thesaurus of phrases and abundant cross-references provide much more aid in the event you want it.  Created via a number one professional in linguistics and lexicography.  Covers all crucial parts of grammar and style.  A key be aware index for quick entry. transparent, abundant examples.  

Up-to-date, sleek, most popular educational and company usage.  Portable for faculty, domestic, or workplace.

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47 The förvänta class [+Tns, −Prop, −Fact, −Su/ObC, +B] The verbs förvänta ‘expect’ and befara ‘fear’ are like påstå ‘claim’ in that they only select an infinitive if passivized, or in active form if the subject of the infinitive is fronted. In addition, förvänta may do so if the verb is used reflexively. They differ from verbs from the påstå-class in selecting futureoriented bare infinitives. Copying is ungrammatical:39 (26) a. Han förväntar sig att kunna komma nästa vecka. INF next week komma nästa vecka sig o kan b.

1. The påstå/anse class [+Tns, +Prop, −Su/ObC, +B] Verbs that select propositional infinitivals divide into two subclasses. One class, the påstå ‘claim’ class, only select an infinitival when the subject of the infinitival is a trace. This happens either when the main verb is a passive and the subject of the infinitival raises (cf. Pesetsky 1992; Teleman et al. ), (16b), or (marginally) when the main verb is active but the subject of the infinitival has been wh-moved or topicalised (cf. Pesetsky 1992; Kayne 1984), (16c).

2. Propositionality If truth or falsity can be predicated of the embedded clause, independently of the matrix clause, the infinitive expresses a proposition, see Pesetsky (1992). : (8) a. PPC a fish yesterday, and deti /j är sant. that is true. ’ 40 Copying and tense b. INF a fish yesterday, and that is sant. ) and a reading where it modifies only the embedded infinitival (It is true that he fried the fish yesterday). e. It is true that he started frying a fish yesterday). It is impossible to assert the truth of the embedded infinitival alone.

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