101 Tough Questions, 101 Straight Answers by Lucas Leys

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By Lucas Leys

How time and again have the questions bobbing up in our minds looked as if it would stay unanswerable? How usually have we repeated those inquiries to those who additionally didn't understand the solutions? and the way again and again have they requested us questions that we additionally can't solution? Lucas Leys provides a hundred and one tough questions in addition to direct solutions for every one. He bargains solutions which are good reasoned and balanced from a biblical and non secular point of view in order that teenagers can deepen their religion. no matter if you're a adolescence chief who must the fitting solutions to provide or looking for passable solutions, this booklet is for you.

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I’d like to write a book. What steps should I take to become a writer? FINAL CLUES Copyright About the Publisher Share Your Thoughts PLAY / GO PLAY Who among us doesn’t have questions? We all have them, and it’s good to have them. Ignorant people aren’t the ones who have questions, but the ones who never ask them. Discovering answers to our questions always helps us grow and develop. It helps expand our brains. I get frustrated when I see “adultosaurs” in our churches, who are content to continue hiding their questions and have no intentions of looking for answers.

84. Is it wrong to change to another church? COUNSELING 85. How can I talk about Jesus to young people who are openly gay? 86. I don’t want to commit suicide, but sometimes I really think about it. What should I do? 87. What’s wrong with abortion? Shouldn’t a woman choose whether or not she wants to be a mother? 88. How can I help somebody who’s dying? 89. How can I help two people reconcile? 90. A girl I know likes to joke around and kiss other girls. Is that wrong? 91. Are all drugs bad, and how can I help a friend with a drug problem?

94. My friend always seems depressed, and she’s always dressed in black. Should I stay away from her? Should I try to help her? 95. Should a boyfriend and girlfriend get married if the girl gets pregnant? 96. How can I help my friends who are involved in a gang? PERSONAL QUESTIONS 97. Is it true that Marcos Witt sleeps with polka dot underwear, Dante Gebel wears a wig, Lucas Leys secretly kisses the blond woman who takes care of his schedule, and other gossip about ministers? 98. When did you know you wanted to marry your wife?

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