101 Delaware Wing T-Plays (The Delaware Wing-T Series) by Harold R. Raymond;Ted Kempski

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By Harold R. Raymond;Ted Kempski

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Volume 4 provides 101 drills for developing, practicing and refining the various essential fundamentals and techniques that are integral to the Delaware Wing-T. Finally, Volume 5 includes 101 basic plays that can be incorporated into a Delaware Wing-T offensive system. Collectively, we hope that these books will provide you with the insights, the information and the foundation needed to fully comprehend and utilize the Delaware Wing-T. Properly executed, this unique offense can enable you to take advantage of your players' specific talents and skills in a goal-oriented, creative way.

7- Step and cup8- Hook at 12 yards by 5 yards-with a call of eagle the 5 man must block the nose man and the backside G and T must look for the LB fire-consider flaring both HB and FB vs. manFB- Read inside backer-if he drops read 3-flare if he drives. Gap call-block 3 Page 77 Play #62''Red 59" Blocking Rules: Backfield Coaching Points:2- Hook at 12 yds by 5 ydsQB- Drop back left-3 steps-then to 5-7 depending on development or individual call. (Drop as 51 with three step drop,)3- Step and cup4- Step and cup5- Step and cupLH- Turn up field and look over inside shoulder (hook at 12 yds)-run companion route if pattern is called6- Gap-on-inside7- Gap-on-insideRH- Block first free backer-drag if B drops and hook at 5 yds in open area8- Run loop "out" pattern at 6 yds (loop in vs.

Com Page 3 Dedication This book is dedicated to all the fine young men who established the football tradition and played for us at the University of Delaware. Page 4 Acknowledgments We are deeply indebted to the coaches who taught football with us during my tenure as head football coach at the University of Delaware. B. "Scotty" DuncanChris RaymondJimmy FlynnRon RogersonTony GlennWarren RuggerioTed GregoryBob SabolJim GrubeGreg VentrescaMarshall HallSteve VerbitEric HammackMatt WildesDon HarnumIrvin WisniewskiMickey HeineckenBob Wolford Page 5 Contents Dedication 3 Acknowledgments 4 Preface 7 1 Perimeter Plays 9 2 Off-Tackle Plays 33 3 Inside Plays 55 4 Pass Play s 73 5 Special Situation Plays 95 About the Author 119 Page 7 Preface We wrote this series of five books, The Delaware Wing-T: The Running Game, The Option Game and the Passing Game, 101Delaware Wing- T Drills, and 101 Delaware Wing-T Plays to provide coaches at all competitive levels with tools to enable them to better understand and implement the Delaware Wing-T.

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